Our Team

Regional Manager

Jerrid C.

Jerrid, also known as Jae, possesses strong interpersonal skills and a deep dedication to delivering exceptional guest experiences. With an unwavering commitment to prioritizing client satisfaction above all else, he consistently strives to go the extra mile in exceeding expectations. Jae advocates that working simply for monetary gain is not sufficient; rather one should seek meaningful career pursuits that bring value to both personally and globally impactful endeavors alike.

Jae has accumulated extensive expertise through employment within diverse industries, including big-box retail, healthcare, hospitality, nonprofit organizations, and restaurant management. During Jae's time at the esteemed Caribou Coffee establishment, he actively collaborated with this organization to transform customer treatment practices as well as employee perceptions pertaining to cultural ideologies upheld by the company. Jae also has better establish the relationship with the LGBTQ+ community and redefine the mission and goal of the Diversity and Inclusion department.

Jae is a counselor who holds licensure and certifications for clinical and spiritual support services. Jae has achieved educational accolades in the form of a master’s degree in clinical psychology from The University of Minnesota, as well as earning an esteemed Doctor of Ministry degree from the United Theological Seminary.

When not engaged in professional pursuits, Jae actively contributes to the Minneapolis community through individual counseling sessions with at-risk youth and families. Additionally, he enjoys spectating Minnesota Vikings games on Sundays and cherishes spending quality time with his spouse and their four children.

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